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Inspirationen til Gerda sættet opstod fra mønstret fra Åse Lund Jensens gamle opskrift på en sweater med en masse struktur og snoninger. Der med sit klassiske udtryk føltes oplagt at genoplive. Gerda sweater matcher Gerda skirt, som begge er en del af Isager Archives kollektionen 2024.

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dansk release 22 feb

e u r u s _ s l i p o v e r

Eurus slipover is the little sister in Eurus-family. The slipover is of course including all the fun with working from side to side and beautiful cable details.

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pattern release

U m m a C a p e

Umma means 'mother' in South Korean, and she is named as such because Umma Cape will feel like the perfect hug. Make the long version for an exclusice feel, or the shorter version for practiacality.
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h a r a b o j i

Mark your calendars, because on 23th November the pattern for the Haraboji cardigan will be published in Danish, Norwegian and English. Find the single pattern on the website or in the Fremstrikk2023 magazine (only Norwegian and Danish)

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the ultimative oversized sweater:

b u s a n

Busan is a chunky, yet light sweater that, with its combination of Italian merino, silk and mohair that will contribute to the feeling of pure luxury. The Italian merino wool contributes to the fact that the natural fibers from the sheep will keep you warm when needed, while the sweater feels airy.

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e u r u s

Eurus is the name of the greak God for eastern wind and fall, and this pattern will blow your mind. While it is still classic and made to last forever, made in danish wool from Hjelholt Uldspinderi.

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our big brother:

o b b a

Obba was inspirered by the little sister 'jeol' and has now become the ultimate two coloured strand sweater. With a boxy silhoutte and a simple raglan, the sweater is perfect for both women and men.
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Aegyo is pronounced [egg-yo] - and refers to a Korean phenomenon where it's desired to appear irresistible or extra cute. We chose the name to emphasize the feminine and playful nature of our way of creating patterns - and our personal ties to South Korea.

Aegyoknit is founded as a collab between mother and daughter: we strive to make modern knitting patterns, with the keywords: minimalistic,meticulous, and oversized silhouettes.

The inspiration for our patterns orignates in korean fashion and scandinavian minimalism. The style of our patterns are timeless and classic. Which fits any capsule wardrobe.